love Love.

It is easy to feed people what they want to hear. Easy to sit in conversations and give the other person exactly what they are looking for. To some, this “feeding” has become an art form. However, when that person you are sitting across from is the God of the universe, your tone changes. Worship, in short is this; a lifelong conversation with the Godhead. Sometimes, we find ourselves feeding lines to our Lord and going through the motions. When this happens, we have lost the truth of our identity. By just being, we have fulfilled the purpose for which our Maker has brought us into being. If we allow our identity to be warped by lies, we are allowing ourselves to be molded by a false reality and not love. Perfect Love drives out fear. Perfect Love lays down His life for you, a friend. Perfect Love completes all of creation by reconciling us back to Love. God is perfect Love.

My heart is constantly awakened to new depths of God’s love for us; God as Love. There is reminder after reminder of how this love interacts with us in scripture and through encounter. Recently, a new approach has stirred my heart; the languages of love. Every being requires love to flourish, and receives that love in various ways. A prominent book that has stirred culture to recognize how we are affected by different approaches of love is “The Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman. In order for us to love God and love our neighbors, we must know Love himself. We must know how we receive love and how we give with love. If you receive love through encouraging words, how much more powerful is a complement over a pat on the back? Knowing how we give and receive love is an easy start to knowing Love Himself, the Maker of the universe. 

You may be wondering, “What does love and worship have to do with the other?” Let me say this, worship is the love language of the Father. Time and time again Abba expresses His longing to be adored by mankind. Our choice to give all of our affection, adoration, love and praise to Him through worship in song is one of the foundational ways to deepen our relationship with the triune God. As we recognize worship as a lifestyle, every act of adoring Love is in essence its way of worship, all pointing at glorifying God.

Mankind was created to worship. It is hardwired into our being. Where we get off track is what we worship. The question isn’t if we worship, but what we worship. Worshipping God is the redemption of idolatry. When we set our hearts on the fullness of God, we have right worship! In turn, when we idolize, we are spending our love on lesser gods. As we evaluate the hours of our days, the thoughts in our minds and the resources we have, it should be easy to see where our love lies.

For some, this process can be disheartening. We evaluate how we are doing, and we devalue our identity. In reality, we were never made to bear the weight of our own failure. All along the plan was that mankind would be reconnected with the Father through the person of Jesus. We were made to wear the badge of honor that is the image of God. We were made to live in the garden, walking hand in hand with the Creator as our hearts are awakened to our reality. The only way for us to justly worship God is to have God help us in it. “To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Colossians 1:27. The hope of redemption is the reality that God sent Himself to show us the way. Then God imparted himself again to dwell inside of us. Our lens has been changed. We are now in daily communion with Perfect Love, and He is transforming us from the inside out. That is the hope of glory. Our task has been revealed to us, Christ in us is the hope of glory. Simply by abiding, Christ in us is bringing redemption to mankind.

Through this mysterious act of worship we see mankind redeemed, God worshipped, our world purified, and everything called back into its original order. It is as if the Holy Spirit in us is so longing to glorify Jesus that He does it by stirring us to adore Him in all areas life. Next time you are aware of the communion table of God, how will you choose to love Him?