When Life Happens...to you.

Before I stepped into this summer, everything felt fairly normal. My regular day-to-day pace of life was seemingly “working.” My day-to-day responsibilities were well taken care of, and things were moving slowly. And then summer happened. More accurately, summer happened to me.

When I receive an invitation to any type of family get together, wedding, concert or the like, I do two things. I check in with myself to make sure it fits in my value system and is an overall possibility at the given point in life. If it makes it through the first round, it then goes to the much harsher judge of time and capacity, my wife. It it makes it past her, we clarify details and get it on the schedule.

Even with all of that in mind, the trips we took this summer, (both together and apart) seemed to happen to me. I had a clear understanding of what we would be doing and when, and yet I find myself in all sorts of disarray. I am sure it was May just yesterday. Instead, its September. 

Reflecting on my schedule choices from Burn Wagon in the early summer to visiting family in August, every choice I made fits within my value system. Where I went wrong was how I prepared for the trips and how I decompressed from them. I neglected to prepare as well as I could and failed to decompress after each trip. A lot of life happened over the past 100 days, but I only remember moments. The price to pay now is acknowledging I am not invincible. I am not okay. I am weary and beat up. My ability to be present has greatly diminished.

Reflection and meditation on past experiences allows us to receive their full wisdom. However, to dwell there unnecessarily is to disassociate from the present. Instead of spending too much time reflecting on my mistakes, I am asking for help from those with more experience. 

Vulnerability is a rare trait. And yet we serve a King who’s reign is defined by openness, honesty and vulnerability. The fullness of God, however impossible it is to properly articulate, is entirely possible to enter into. From the garden on through eternity, our journey is one of knowing and being known. It starts with a Creator who breathes us into His story to know Love, perfect and unconditional. There, breath was Life and Life is Christ. When we look around and see the trees, experience the breeze, and partake in creation, we are brought further into the heart of God. We experience the complete otherness of God in all of life. Creation is God’s way of placing His heart in the open for all to experience.

Busyness can be healthy and necessary, but also habitual. It can overtake you. In the midst of life’s challenges, do you find yourself communicating with others about what you are experiencing, or are you swallowing it by yourself?

Life was created to be shared. The healthiest thing we can do is share it.