A Reflection on 2016.


This year has held many surprises. There has been adversity, heartbreak, challenges and fresh starts. We have seen the depth of darkness in our world. Racism, injustice, war, refugee crises, genocide, sexual exploitation and depravity litter our planet’s cityscapes. We have hoped in movements, institutions and man-made solutions of all shapes and sizes. Personally, I have found myself both on the mountain top and in the valley. However, through it all, our only hope comes back to the outrageous, scandalous, love of Jesus. As we plan for the future let us pause and consider if we are building on a firm foundation. Christ is the way, the truth and the life. He is our everything! We cannot give up on the promises of our first love. The Kingdom of God is at hand, and we have even more reason now to display the Kingdom through radical love in the practical, the impossible, the mysterious and the risky. It is time for loving the Lord our God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength to pour out into loving others as we want to be loved! There is no better time than now to listen and learn how the individuals around you experience love.

There are a lot of things being said about 2016. In an effort to inspire joy, love and smiles in my family, I plan on sharing how good 2016 was for me! I pray that it touches your soul and writes love on your heart for 2017.


-Hosted worshippers from all over the U.S. including Sean Feucht, The Circuit Riders, Jeremy Vanderloop, 7Song and CBU’s Hope Ensemble.

-Had the opportunity to be a part of leading worship in partnership with at least 20 churches and ministries including CFAN, Burn 24/7 and EmberHQ, alongside the likes of Paul Cain, Carl Tuttle and Theresa Dedmon. 

-Nations visited: 4 (US, Mexico, Belize and Honduras)

-States visited: 6 (Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Pennsylvania and Michigan)

-Concert highlights: Norman Music Festival, Mumford and Sons, The Head and The Heart, Korn, Phil Keaggy and Judah and the Lion. 

-Concerts Hosted/Co-Hosted: 16.

-Weddings attended: 10 (including my own)!



I helped facilitate the first of many art projects FROM the church TO the church. Our family of artists put their skills on display by painting a door for each of our community practices. Though the doors were completed before January, we unveiled them week by week in this first month of the year. We also hosted Sean Feucht and the Circuit Riders for a time of worship and testimonies about the nations. It was a great way to start the year!


Worship nights, concerts, and my friend Declan got married. A beautifully tame month!


A month spent entirely devoted to praying into the engagement. March was entirely about preparing for the future. The Lord was kind in love, and helped me to embrace everything he had for me!


Two dreams took place amidst my quarter of a century birthday. I asked Emily to be my wife and two days later, on my birthday, she drove me to Dallas to enjoy the brilliance of Mumford and Sons in concert. It was an amazing concert. Also in April, I was honored to watch as my friend Joy launched the OKC House of Prayer, and I met my friend Ian Randall Thornton by chance starting a serious man-crush. Plus, the Norman Music Festival…April was a treat for sure.


Summer began and Ezriella was officially established. The beauty of the Lord was all around. It was a recovery month from everything that happened in April…


The Hillside Intensive put on by Burn 24/7 and hosted in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania enters my heart and memory as timely rejuvenation. It was one of the best experiences of my life thus far. I met many people that I will continue to be friends with for the rest of my life, (and some that I would consider family!) Thank you, Hillside.


CFAN with Reinhard Bonkke and Daniel Kolenda graced our city. My brother Ryan married his Emily as well!


We celebrated 3 years as a church body. 1,000 days of loving Jesus with my Crestwood Vineyard Family. And my friend and co-worker, Mark was married to Megan. 


My oldest sister got married! It was such a unique celebration of her and Randall. I love them very much. Abby and Jesse were wed. This month, I also had an opportunity to do some ministry alongside Brian “Head” Welch of the band Korn, at a concerts in Arkansas and Tulsa. Brian Blount and I saw a handful of people receive Jesus, be healed and touched by the power of God. Lastly, my friends Chase and Kayla came together in marriage. What more can you ask for? 


We did it. After 7 months of engagement, on November 19th, 2016, Emily became my wife. There are no words to describe it. We followed it with an incredible cruise. I was also invited by my brother David Kim of Oasis Church, to lead worship for a creativity conference featuring Theresa Dedmon of Bethel Church. She gave me a powerful prophetic word and I was touched by the love of the Father. Blair and Morgan were married. Also, Vineyard Worship living legend Carl Tuttle came to Crestwood and imparted some serious wisdom. 


Paul Cain of the Kansas City Prophets came and released a handful of powerful prophetic words, followed closely by a visit from John and Eleanor Mumford, leaders of the Vineyard movement in the U.K. Needless to say, I was majorly impacted by the love of spiritual fathers and mothers. We also hosted the team filming “I Can Only Imagine,” to shoot a few scenes in our church. It goes to show how far “Crestwood the Beautiful!” truly goes.

2016 was a blast of a year. It was fast paced. It was joyful. It was good! Now I set my eyes on 2017…what will this year hold?