Take To The Road: Day 8. The End.

My family takes sleep seriously. The whole trip, there was a level of respect for the sleeping. No one took to the day with such urgency that they needed to evacuate everyone from their sleeping bags or beds. Mornings are a sacred time. Sunshine, cricket whistles, bird songs, iPhone alarms. Both the natural and technological alarms were used scarcely used throughout the trip. Friday was no exception to that wonderful truth. 

As I sauntered down stairs, I was greeted by a cheerful Ariella and Ryan. I had no idea how long they had been up, but they were nearing the end of their M’n’M pancakes. If there is a way to make you feel like you are seven again, it’s pancakes filled with chocolatey greatness. I created a tower of the delectable morsels, as Ariella poured me a glass of orange juice. Then the secret was let loose there was in fact, an entire tray of bacon in the oven. It’s hard to keep bacon a secret, especially when you can smell it almost immediately. Pairing that with the sizzling sounds, I'm surprised it took me to long to wake up! 

Ezra joined us, and we planned out the day.

Emily was all I could think about. Breakfast could not break my concentration. Tonight, I would get to be with my girl. There was a longing just to sit with her a while. I would gladly listen to whatever she had to tell me, but I didn’t need that. I just needed time with her!

Ryan and Ariella spit out their glorious return plan to Oklahoma, and in doing so, making a pit stop in Tulsa. Primarily, there was an excitement in me just to get home. Tulsa was our last stop. And I was ready to get there!

It is important to note that throughout this entire trip, apart from the Higgins Lake incident, I was engaged in every moment to the best of my ability. Every goodbye, as attached or farfetched, brought me peace of mind about this new chapter opening up in my life. This trip marked the end and beginning of a season. The end of a long season, walking into September, which marks two years of ministry with Crestwood Vineyard, all while piecing together adulthood. The continual transition out of college into reality. The season I am now in, has no title, is unknown, has just begun, and yet feels huge. Being the pioneer of my life, following the will of a loving Father, is incredible.

We made beds, cleaned up and hit the road! Roughly six hours remained in our road hours. Tulsa became the next target, and Oklahoma City not far behind! As we pulled into Tulsa, at Fat Guy’s Burger Bar, closure began to come into play. There was a sense in which this trip is not only marking a new season for me, but for all of us. The new chapter of our friendship was starting! A new level of care and realization that we have chosen one another to be kin. With that, the radical grace Jesus has given us to offer one another. We are a forest of righteous oaks, planted by the streams of truth, fed by the light of Christ. Our only job now and forever is to grow. 

The burgers made way for an awesome game of kick the can. It lasted all the way from the restaurant to the center of the universe! It sounds like a daunting detour, but in all reality was about a half mile away. The echo spot was really cool! We all took some time to sing and hear the weird natural reverberation. And then we said goodbye to the last city of our stop.

Something came to my attention while we were in Tulsa. Should the Lord call us to tour the nation, sharing the songs of our hearts together, this is what it would feel like. There is a portion of prophetic preparation for our future time on the road together in this travel. Lord, if it is your will for us to do this, give us clear vision and set our sights on your will!

The 90 miles between Oklahoma City and Tulsa are the dumbest 90 miles I have experienced. The anticipation of being home, teamed with wanting to get out of the van, made for a quiet hour and a half from Tulsa to Crestwood. It ended differently than it began. At the beginning, we prayed for our adventure and pressed into what the Lord had for us. At the end, we were happy to part ways. The tones of see you later were seemingly thankful. Thankful for a great trip, thankful for deeper relationship and thankful for time to process. Of all of the road trips this summer: Colorado, Myrtle Beach, Ohio and now Michigan, this one held the most personal significance. I look forward to another adventure with my friends, after we recover from this one!

The End.

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