Take To The Road: Day 3.

Sunday. Three nights down. The festival is over. And our duties begin. The bargain of the trip was that in return for our help, we would be allowed to enjoy the festival free of charge! Whenever I can trade for things that aren’t money, I do it happily. I would be worth a lot more in a barter economy.

We packed up camp, headed to McDonald’s for some breakfast sandwiches, and got down to the festival grounds for clean up. As I looked over the grounds, I thought, here we go! We geared up and marched into work. Tearing down fence lines, rolling up banners and pulling stakes. Mindless work in exchange for an awesome adventure? We got the deal of a lifetime in this time.

It was not in anyway easy. It was labor intensive. Each one of us were tired in our own right. And to add insult to the situation, the monsoon rains began to pour down on us! Jesus was definitely laughing at us. We worked. Hard. In the rain. For hours! It was “refreshing” to say the very least.

In the midst of the work, the word steadfast became my meditation; My yes is a yes! When we signed up for this, I had no idea that this is how the day was going to be. Even if I did know, I probably wouldn’t have turned back the deal. Dory’s words from Finding Nemo played over and over in my head “just keep swimming,” as I sloshed around in the rain puddles. Following lunch, the rain just got more sporadic and intense! Luckily for us, we were able to sneak out to shower up and go have dinner with my family. 

Arriving at my aunt’s house was surreal. So many memories with so many different people throughout the years. It was cool for my family to meet, my family. The depth of character of my Oklahoma family came out during this meal. They really chased after the heart of my cousin. And paused, met and greeted all the Cain’s. It was like watching two old friends, that I tell the other about, finally cross paths. Such a great experience emotionally charged. Such an honor to see the people that have known my heart the longest with the people that know the current depth of my heart best. The response was purely peaceful!

Following the feast, we headed south! We met up with Ariella’s aunt and uncle at their Higgins Lake homestead. The hospitality that we were shown was fantastic. The level of love we experienced was unmatched the rest of the trip. And having a bed for the first time in a couple of nights made for a great night’s rest.